Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honda Malaysia launches the Stream RSZ

Honda Stream RSZ

Honda Malaysia today introduced the Stream RSZ, and the vehicle replaces the current bog-standard version that was launched in Nov 2007.

Mechanically, everything's all but the same in the 1.8 i-VTEC-powered seven-seater, but the updated variant - which has been selling in Singapore for a good bit now - features more in the way of bling, with a full bodykit, a redesigned RSZ front grille and new 17-inch alloys wheels leading the way.

Elsewhere, the front end lights get a reworking too, and the new lamps are auto HID (high intensity discharge) units with smoke-finish covers. Also new, the fog lamps, and let's not forget the inclusion of a sunroof on this one.

Inside, you now have a more refined interior in the way of material, paddle shifters, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a seat-side armrest for the driver and for added convenience, a passenger seat under-seat storage tray as new items on the list.
Atsushi Fujimoto, managing director and chief executive officer of Honda Malaysia said that ''the refinements accomplished in the Stream RSZ show that we are on the pulse of the current lifestyle trend, where style and practicality in an automobile are expected to come hand in hand.''

The Stream RSZ comes in four colours - besides the Premium White Pearl, Honda Malaysia is introducing three new colours with the vehicle, and they are Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic and New Red Pearl.

The outgoing standard Stream managed to sell just over 1,600 units up until Jan from the time it was launched, but Honda Malaysia is being a little more conservative with this one, given the market conditions - the company has targeted a modest sales figure of 350 units for the vehicle this year.

The Stream RSZ is priced at RM155,980, on-the-road, with insurance. Oh, and before you rush out to the showrooms, you might want to know that the Stream RSZ will be available at all authorised Honda showrooms nationwide only from Feb 26 onwards.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Proton Packs More Performance in the New Satria Neo CPS

PROTON today unveiled an improved and sportier Satria Neo hatchback fitted with a Campro CPS (Cam Profile Switching) engine, which promises enhanced performance and style. This new variant (2nd Generation Satria) is now powered by a Campro CPS DOHC 16V engine which packs more power and offers better responsiveness for drivers desiring performance.

The Satria Neo, introduced in 2006, has won many hearts both locally and internationally and has been given accolades such as the “coolest” car to be produced by PROTON.

“The Satria Neo is known as a performance-driven car. What we have done is to enhance the Neo by making it more powerful, responsive and attractive by giving it an improved engine and a sportier look," said PROTON Holdings Berhad Managing Director, Dato' Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir during the launch held today at the Asian Pacific Auction Centre in Subang.

This new Satria Neo CPS will run the latest engine in the Proton line-up, the 1.6 litre Campro CPS. This engine utilizes two ingenious technologies, CPS (Cam Profile Switching) and VIM (Variable Intake Manifold technology), to give higher power outputs and rapid response, whilst maintaining a fuel efficient delivery. These two technologies give the best of both worlds by combining the characteristics of two different engines in one compact package. The usual reduction in torque caused by high-lift cams is offset by the long intake runner, whilst the short runner works by helping the engine generate more power at higher speeds. All this technology translates to 120PS at 6,500 rpm, and 150Nm at 4500 rpm, giving the Satria Neo CPS, one of the most powerful engines in its segment. This power increase doesn’t come at the expense of the environment as this new engine meets the latest European emission regulations.

On the inside, the Satria Neo CPS features a Lotus Motorsport inspired minimalist Interior Design now enhanced with a sporty red and black leather upholstery and door inserts. The interior finishing is further enhanced by a new leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.

The built-in dash mounted Blaupunkt CD Radio player can also handle MP3 music, which is perfect for entertaining the driver and passengers played through a 4 speaker stereo system.

The high performance nature of this vehicle continues on the outside with a newly designed front bumper that gives the Neo a lower and more aggressive stance. Inside those Gti inspired flared arches sit low profile continental tyres on new 16” rims specially designed for the Satria
Neo CPS.

Like its famous predecessor, the Satria Gti, the Satria Neo CPS proudly features that now familiar Lotus tuned ride and handling package that makes for an exciting yet safe drive for the driving enthusiast. All round disc brakes with ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD(Electronic Brake Distribution) ensure all that performance can be reined in safely when the need arises. Twin airbags and front seat belt pre-tensioners are also standard with a 3 way collapsible steering column providing greater occupant safety. Everything is packaged within a sturdy body with liberal use of high-tensile steel for increase body rigidity and structural
crashworthiness. The Satria Neo CPS meets all European Safety standards.

The Satria Neo CPS is yet another product that underscores PROTON’s commitment to continuously deliver the right car at the right time and at the right price. The car is suitable for customers who are trendy and yearn to be different as well as those who lead an active lifestyle.
“This philosophy requires PROTON to listen closely to what customers want and continuously make every effort to change and improve our current line-up. This effort is now manifested in the new Satria Neo CPS,” continued Dato’ Syed Zainal.
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